Designing Posters

Now that we had interviews, portraits, and photos of the issues, the Jr. Viewfinders put it all together to design their own posters. Using the graphic design knowledge that they gained during September, the Jr. Viewfinders used Canva, a website that simplifies graphic design, to create a couple different posters each. They used quotes from the interviews they'd conducted. They used cutouts of portraits and placed them on background photos that they'd taken. They played around with the text by adjusting font, color, size, and other settings. They experimented with framing and composition. We encouraged them to do multiple designs, so that they could really see the different effects of just the smallest of design choices.

Then, we all looked at the different posters as a group and discussed them. We offered feedback and constructive criticism to each youth participant. After that, they went back and made some revisions. Each youth participant ended up with at least two poster designs they were happy with. Then, we sent some to print so that next week we could begin the next phase of the project: handing the posters out!

Here are just a few examples of the posters they made.