Going Door to Door

This week the Jr. Viewfinders went out into the community. With the posters that they designed in hand, they went door to door in small groups to hand out their posters and tell people about this project. We prepped a short script with the youth, so that they could have something to go off if they got nervous. We also handed out flyer invitations to our upcoming Campaign for Change Exhibit at the McElderry Park Community Resource Center. We asked the community members that we talked to if they would hang the posters in their windows, so that others in the community could see and learn about our project.

Overall, the door knocking went incredibly well! Lots of community members answered, listened to the youth as they shared information about our project, and wanted a poster. Many of them thought it was a great project and were happy to be learning about it and interacting with the youth. There were really valuable and insightful conversations had about the issues raised by the posters and how they could be addressed. Sometimes the conversations went even beyond the issues we'd focused on, as community members offered their thoughts on how important youth voices and perspectives are. Lots of people expressed interest in attending our upcoming exhibition, as well! Below are some photos of the community members we interacted with.