Collaboration with MICA Students, Part 2

The MICA students returned this week to finish up the video project. One of the challenges that arose with this project was our sometimes erratic attendance. This week we both had some new youth who missed the first part, and some youth who did the first part but didn't show up this week. So, we had to improvise a bit with some MICA students working with youth on just taking photos without the intention of making a movie. Meanwhile, the youth who were there for both sessions worked away on their videos. 

We used both Adobe Spark and Premiere to make the movies, based on the youth and the MICA students level of experience with video editing. This part of the project worked really well because it's often difficult to edit with groups of kids--there's only so much each person can do. So, the fact that we had one or two college students working with just one youth really helped facilitate learning how to better edit videos. Some of the MICA students were super impressed by the video editing skills that the youth already had. Messiah, a 10-year-old in our program, already had more Premiere skills than Evan, the college student he worked with! By the end of the session, we had some truly great movies! Overall, the collaboration with MICA students was a total success and proved to be a great way to close out our Becoming project. Check out two examples of the movies we produced below.