Starting Costumes | Recording Interviews

This week the Jr. Viewfinders started the next big phase of the project: costume design. Now, that they'd thought through some of the larger ideas and concepts around heroes, we wanted to embrace the more fun, creative side of heroes. We brought in a bunch of materials: fabric, paper, beads, doilies, pins, pipe cleaners, and more. The catch was that everything was gold. So, gold became a sort of theme of this project. To start their costumes, everyone made a cape. They picked out a fabric and used a template to cut out the shape of a cape. Then, we showed them how to used a sewing machine. We didn't go into too much detail, but showed them the basics that they'd need for the project. Sewing was a hit! A lot of the youth were really interested in learning how to sew and used their newfound skills to add awesome details to their capes. Overall, the cape making was incredibly successful. It was a totally new, different type of activity and the youth got really into it. You can see some photos of the youth at work on their capes below!

While we were working on the capes, we also had one of our video instructors take aside a few youth at a time to be interviewed about their heroes. We also asked them about their own dreams and goals. We took those responses and turned it into a short video, which you can find below.