Collaboration with MICA Students, Part 1

After we took a week off during the Baltimore City School spring break, we started a two day collaboration with a group of MICA undergraduate students. Since we'd struggled earlier in the project with having the Jr. Viewfinders create short, narrative videos about their lives, we decided to have the MICA students help each Jr. Viewfinder make a short video about their superhero persona. We thought this would best maximize the fact that we had almost 2 MICA students for every Jr. Viewfinder. Plus, we thought the Jr. Viewfinders would enjoy being able to make all the creative decisions without having to take notes and do some more technical aspects of the activity.

So, after some fun icebreakers to get to know one another, we split off into our smaller groups. The first part of the activity was to come up with a narrative and fill out a storyboard. It really helped that the MICA students were able to basically transcribe the youth's ideas onto the storyboard. After that, each group set out to take photos and videos that will be used to make the video. A lot of the MICA students brought a ton of energy and did a great job of connecting with the youth. Once the groups got back, we uploaded all the material onto computers and said our goodbyes. The MICA students were coming back in a week to finish the project. We definitely had some youth who couldn't wait for their return! Here are a few photos from each group.