A New Project: Becoming

With the completion of the Finding Home project, the Junior Viewfinders are moving on to a new project--well, sort of a new project. Really, it's a continuation of a project that Junior Viewfinders worked on in the 2015-16 school year called Becoming. Part one of the project focused on creating soapboxes and collages of the youth with their chosen hero. Please check out the free curriculum for that here.

Part two of this project continues the thematic and conceptual questions addressed in part one, while encouraging the youth to go deeper and introducing them to some new art mediums. The questions that string through this project encourage youth to think critically about who they are, the decisions they make, and where these decisions are leading them in life. Most importantly, it prompts reflection on how we become the people we want to be. It addresses these topics through artistic processes, such as, photography, video, and fashion design. 

Moreover, this project will culminate in site-specific murals throughout communities in East Baltimore, Maryland. And you'll be able to see some photos of those murals in future posts. Here's just a taste of some of the images that will become murals from part one of this project.