Out Taking Photos

During this first week of October, the Jr. Viewfinders turned their attention to our Campaign for Change project. The Campaign for Change project is made up of a few core elements: photography, interviewing, community engagement, and graphic design. This week, we focused on the photography portion of the project. We started by going over some photography basics. Most of the youth in Jr. Viewfinders had some experience with point and shoot cameras, but this year we wanted them to learn how to operate a DSLR camera. Moreover, we wanted them to learn how to adjust settings like white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, so we provided them with some useful handouts and let them play around with the settings to learn. 

Once they got the hang of the cameras, we went out into the neighborhood to take some photos. The goal was to take photos that fit into the themes and issues that we'd decided to focus on for the project. One of those themes was vacant housing. So, we found a few blocks that had a lot of vacant homes and the youth took a bunch of photos. They played with the settings to adjust the lighting and they experimented with framing and composition. Ultimately, some of their photos ended up being used in our poster designs later on in the project. The Sr. Viewfinders joined us later on in the afternoon and took some great photos themselves. Check out a few really good ones below.