Campaign for Change Exhibition

The weekend before Thanksgiving we held an opening for our Campaign for Change Exhibition at the McElderry Park Community Resource Center. We put up photos and posters, along with a timeline that showed some of the behind-the-scenes process that went into the project. Over the course of the afternoon, a number of community members came in to check out the exhibit. They were really impressed with the photographic and design skills that the youth displayed in their artwork. We had some interesting and productive conversations about the issues raised by the posters, especially around the issue of vacant houses. 

The week after Thanksgiving, we took the Jr. Viewfinders to go see the exhibit since most of them hadn't made it our the opening. They were excited and proud to see their artwork up on the wall and we had some discussions reflecting on the project. When we returned to MICA PLACE, we did a group drawing project that focused on reflecting more on Campaign for Change. We talked about what parts of the project they liked, what they didn't like, what they thought went well, and what some challenges were. We also reflected on what we learned about the community issues that we'd focused on. It was a productive exercise, and we finished off the session with some cupcakes to celebrate the youth's hard work and wonderful art!