Baltimore Rising Exhibit

This week, we went on a field trip. We headed over to the Lazarus Center on MICA's main campus to check out the Baltimore Rising Exhibit. The Baltimore Rising Exhibit brought together a broad survey of works by 15 artists—with significant ties to Baltimore—who address the social, economic, political and racial issues that propelled the city to the national spotlight in 2015. The work in the exhibit was powerful and moving. While museums aren't always the most entertaining for our younger students, they were quite drawn in and engaged by a number of the works the in show. We were given a tour of the exhibition by Tony Shore, one of the artists whose work was featured, and the youth got to ask him questions about specific pieces of art and the broader exhibition. Due to the content of the artwork, we discussed the uprising in 2015, police-community relations, gentrification, and a host of other issues that face Baltimore. Ultimately, it was a very important exhibit for the youth to see and they seemed to learn new things and take a lot from the experience.