Learning at Viewfinders 2016-17

Baltimore United Viewfinders Collective is all about learning and community. In fact, that's what we strive to be: a learning community. We seek to create a space for the youth in our after school programs that is safe, respectful, engaging, and fun. We provide opportunities for Baltimore residents of all ages to learn new technological and storytelling skills at Video Lab, our open computer lab on Tuesday evenings. We bring artists, performers, storytellers, and community together to learn at OVA East and OVA CON. And, we seek to help educators, or anyone interested in working with youth, by providing our curriculums and other resources free of charge on this website. 

In the interest of growing our learning community and sharing what we've learned from our experiences, we'll be posting the story of this past year 2016-2017 at Viewfinders on this blog. Dating back to the first month of school in 2016, this blog will provide weekly updates of what we did, how it went, and what we learned. You'll see the challenges that we faced, the successes we had, and all the fun and excitement we experienced along the way. We believe that learning is, first and foremost, a process. Sure, you'll see the amazing artwork our youth created this last year, but the real growth and learning happened in the making of that art. That's what this blog is for: to show you the process, to show you how and what we learned together at Viewfinders.