What, When and Where??

Junior Viewfinders Summer Camp focuses on technology, art, and service.

It meets Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm throughout July (July 5th through 29th). We will meet at MICA PLACE (814 N. Collington Ave). Youth will be serving in their community as well as engaging in weekly field trips. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided for your youth.There is enough space for 10 youth, with priority being given to youth entering 5th-8th grade.

 Regular Daily Schedule (Monday through Thursday)

10am-10:45am | Breakfast and clean-up

 10:45am-11:00am | Exercise Activity

 11:00am-12:15pm | Outdoor Service Project and/or art lesson

 12:15pm-1:15pm | Lunch and daily chore

 1:15pm-3:00pm | Technology/gaming lesson

 Field Trip Fridays

Friday, July 8th | half day to the Visionary Arts Museum

 Friday, July 15th | half day to Patterson Park Pool

 Friday, July 22nd | half day to Patterson Park Pool

 Friday, July 29th | day trip to the beach

How much does Viewfinders Summer Camp Cost?

Viewfinders summer camp is FREE! We recommend sending some spending money with your child on Field Trip Fridays. All transportation and food will be provided.

 What if I need Reach my child during programming?

Program facilitators will ALWAYS have their cell phones with them, and are on-call for as long as the Viewfinders are with them.

Kristen Brown, Teaching Artist, JR Viewfinders: 309.357.8576

Gerad Forte, Site Supervisor: 443.360.0248

E K Miles, Program Director: 216.965.7315

Andrea Crews, Art Director: 443.520.0046

What is expected of my youth at the Baltimore United Viewfinders?

While participating as a Baltimore United Viewfinder the following rules will be strictly enforced:

-Drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco products are prohibited at all times.

-Foul language and/or gestures are prohibited.

-Inappropriate physical contact is prohibited.

-Appropriate attire must be worn. No clothing or hats that indicate obscenities, violence, gang affiliation, drug, alcohol or sexual innuendoes allowed.

-No weapons or replica weapons allowed.

-Youth are expected to exhibit respectful and self-controlled behavior towards themselves, other youth, and their teachers at all times.


If you would like to enroll your child in Viewfinders Summer Camp, please complete the form below and we will contact you to complete the application process

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